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    Why Choose Nordic Cloud Labs?

    You will love working with us because of our Vision. Unlike traditional corporate structures we believe in freedom of time. We at NCL have incorporated one of Swedens most beautiful policies, Freedom to roam within our company culture. That means you work from wherever you are. Do you have the skills we require. Great! Proceed to apply.




    Our company started with the vision of freedom. We did not want to be employees anymore. Hence we Started NCL. There is only one thing that is expected of you, that is to always be entrepreneurial, simply put, you determine how you want to shape your careers.




    OK! So we at NCL believe that our greatest asset is knowledge, as one of our founders always say "Knowledge is what is left after you have forgotten everything else" although i would quote him on that ;-p. Simply put we always strive to learn more and stay during our metamorphosis.




    We do everything here slightly differently. Everyday will be different as we strive to make work, a place of simply put, "fun". Why spend time here if you are not even enjoying yourself. Therefore this is part of our biggest visions. always strive for adventure even in the work you do.

    What are we looking for?

    Send us an email at info@nordiccloudlabs.com with the subject line of the position and someone from the team will get in touch with you or give us a call at 000 111 222 333 and for a quick chat about the role to see if this is something for you.

    Job Functions:


    SalesForce Developer - Can you Develop and support new applications on the Salesforce.com platform?

    Stockholm, Office.


    SalesForce Business Analyst - Can you collaborate with Remote Developers to delegate work and produce the results and analyse applications and system problems and incidents to develop recommendations and solutions for those problems. Can you provide detailed application and code expertise to the development, testing and business teams?

    Remote, Office


    SalesForce Consultant - Did you teach yourself how to do everything in Windows and didn’t ask your friends. Are you a fast learner.

    Remote, Office


    Marketing Wizard - Modern Day marketing has changed, wouldn't you Agree? Tells more.

    Remote, Office.


    Sales Musketeer - What is the most important form of sales you have Done?

    Sydney, Office.

    How to apply?

    Our application process is very simple. Just send us a link to your CV and Cover Letter Answering Questions mentioned on the Job Position and any other nitty gritty details. Obviously, mention the position where you believe you will shine bright like a Diamond and we'll get in touch. Its as simple as 1, 2, 3, thats it.


    Happy Applying.

    1. Choose

    Ok so you have done your research now you know which position you want to apply for. Perfect!


    Simply Attach a Google Doc Shareable link to your CV and Cover Letter with the questions answered related to the position. Don't forget to add a LinkedIn profile as well.


    2. Review

    Make sure to double check your work. Just paste everything in the next box in the following order:

    • Your Name
    • Google Doc Link
    • LinkedIn Link

    A lot of Links, but thats it!

    3. Apply