• Business solutions for nonprofits

    Nordic Cloud Labs works passionately with Salesforce and Atlassian products to provide nonprofits with a solid digital platform.

  • 1. Conversation

    Meet an experienced and dedicated representative able to understand your organisational needs. They will handle the development project for you and listen closely to your input. That way you save time and you get what you need.

    2. Get updates

    During the development process and according to your preferences, you will get updated on a daily or weekly basis, on what is being developed right now. We have handpicked developers from around the world to satisfy your needs.

    3. Get functionality

    You can enjoy new functionality continuously throughout the project lifetime as we are strong believers in the Agile approach. That also means that you get the chance to test out the system and give opinion early in the project, saving you time and money.

  • What is salesforce?

    Salesforce is the world’s number one Platform for Customer Relationship Management.

    They have invested heavily in helping nonprofits and provide their product at significantly discounted prices (76% to be precise) for nonprofits.

    Salesforce also provides the Nonprofit Success Pack.


    Learn more about the Salesforce success pack.