• About us

    We at Nordic Cloud Labs are passionate about working with Non-Profit organisations. Our contribution is not by acting at the front lines, but by providing state-of-the-art business systems to aid NPOs in their causes. The expertise we hold is in Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform for businesses and nonprofits. We are currently operating from ImpactHub, the world’s largest network for social entrepreneurship where we work shoulder to shoulder with other change makers. In order to realise such change-making, we have composed a team of savvy developers and knowledgeable Agilists working together in a tight knit team.

    The team

    Fredrik Burlin

    Founder, Senior developer

    Fredrik has several years of experience under his belt, working as a certified SalesForce implementor. He’s an amazing motivator and a Brilliant Leader.

    Christopher Flodin

    Business Analyst


    Christopher's background lies in business and the Gaming Industry. He is our very own Scrum Master. His passion? Everything Agile, of course.

    Protik Sarkar

    Junior Developer

    An Aerospace Engineer turned savvy developer. He has experience from several fields including finance and Law. He’s passionate about everything Techie.